June FOI Requests

Date Request Department
01-06-2023 Headteachers in Multiple Schools Multiple
  Adults with Learning Disabilities Adult Social Care
  Culture Strategy Education Resources & Communities
  Mannachie Park Development Plan Environmental & Commercial
05-06-2023 Temporary Contracts HR
  Mobile Phone Masts Economic Growth and Development
  Winter Maintenance Environmental and Commercial
  Council Employees HR
  EIR Findrassie Site Information Economic Growth and Development
  Pride Month Multiple
06-06-2023 Teacher Absence HR
  Vaping in Schools Education
  Complaint Information Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Heat Pumps in Social Homes Housing and Property
  Employee Information HR
  Care Experience Children & Families Social Work
  Trailer Advertising Multiple
  Business Property Rates Data Finance
07-06-2023 Social Listening and Online Monitoring HR
  Albanian Children Children & Families Social Work
  Private Water Supplies Data Economic Growth and Development
  Road Budgets Environmental and Commercial
08-06-2023 EIR Odour Complaints History, IV30 8SH Economic Growth and Development
09-06-2023 Disabled Facilities Grants Multiple
  Hybrid and Home Working HR
  ICT Procurement Information ICT
  Self Directed Support Payments Multiple
  NA Funerals Economic Growth and Development
12-06-2023 List of Children's Playparks Environmental and Commercial
  Confiscations in Schools Education
  Correspondence on Violence in Schools Education
  Free School Meals Information Environmental and Commercial
  MEES Regulations Housing and Property
13-06-2023 Number of Occupational Therapists Health and Social Care Moray
  Play Park Refurbishment Environmental and Commercial
  Staffing Spend HR
  Waste Recycled Environmental and Commercial
  Emergency and Temporary Accommodation Housing and Property
14-06-2023 Longest Temporary  Accommodation Stay Housing and Property
  School Libraries Education
  Temporary Accommodation and PRS Referrals Housing and Property
  LGBT Library and Museum Policies Multiple
  LGBT Policies Multiple
15-06-2023 Pupil Absences Education
  Secondary School Information Education
16-06-2023 Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 Economic Growth and Development
  Public Health Funerals Economic Growth and Development
  Removal of Books from School Libraries Education
  EIR Environmental Protection Act 1990 Economic Growth and Development
  EIR Sewerage (Scotland) Act 1968 Economic Growth and Development
  EIR Prevention of Damage by Pest Act 1949 Economic Growth and Development
  Environmental Fixed Penalty Notices Economic Growth and Development
19-06-2023 Occupation of Birchview Respite Unit Adult Social Care
  Speech and Language Therapy Funding Multiple
  Playparks Complaints Environmental and Commercial
  Deferred Entry to P1 Education
20-06-2023 False Fire Alarms Education
  Staff Information Multiple
21-06-2023 ADHD & Military Referrals Adult Social Care
  School Meal Spending and Uptake Environmental and Commercial
  Ukrainian Refugees Moved to Other Local Authorities   Adult Social Care (Refugee Settlement Scheme)
22-06-2023 Translation and Interpretation Services Multiple
  Compensation from Council Multiple
  Allotments Education Resources & Communities
23-06-2023 NA Funerals (1) Economic Growth and Development
  Car Parks and FPNs Environmental and Commercial
  Online Payment Solutions Multiple
24-06-2023 Classroom Evacuations Education
25-06-2023 Storm Clean Ups Environmental and Commercial
26-06-2023 EV Charge Points Environmental and Commercial
  Flood Risk Management Legislation Economic Growth and Development
  Care Roles Multiple
  Local Authority Assets Housing & Property
27-06-2023 School Pupils Leaver Figures Education
  Nursery Places Education
  Housing Enforcement Officers Information Multiple
28-06-2023 Number of Leisure Centres and Pools Shut Down 2022-23 Education, Resources and Communities
  Vehicle Telematics Information Environmental and Commercial
  Sexual Education in Schools during Pandemic Education
29-06-2023 Compensation Payouts for Pothole Incidents Multiple
  Council Tax Debt Finance
  Windfarm Objections Economic Growth and Development
  Internet Expenses Multiple
  Reports and Requests to Council regarding River Spey Environmental and Commercial
  Cloddach Bridge Information Environmental and Commercial
30-06-2023 Building Standards Employee Information HR
  Compensation Paid to Employees HR
  School Meal Debt Multiple
  School Campus Information Education

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