FOI Request - Online Payment Solutions

Request 101003344735

1. What system do you use to take online payments from service users, and who supplies it?

2. When did you start using this system?

3. When does the contract end for this system?

4. What is the annual cost of the system?

5. Where is the system hosted? Please specify if it is hosted by the council in its own data centre, hosted by the council in its own cloud environment (such as AWS or Azure), hosted by the supplier as a discrete instance, or hosted by the supplier as a true software as a service 

6. How does the system integrate with the other elements of your online service delivery platform?

Response 18-07-2023

Contract CAT Supplier System Start End Annual Value System Hosted System Integration
13/0050A FMS Support and Maintenance (Income Management) C2 Advanced Business Solutions Capita Pay360 01/03/2017 31/03/2027 £33,983 Yes,supplier hosted


17/0075 DA01 Cashless Catering

B Cash Registers Buccleuch Limited iPay and iPay Impact 01/01/2018 31/12/2013 £55,984 Yes, supplier hosted


18/0405 DA01 Cashless Parking 

O PaybyphoneUK Ltd PayByPhone 09/11/2020 13/12/2023 £7,800 Yes,supplier hosted No

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