EIR Request - Findrassie Site Information

Request 101003331976

We have been requested to undertake investigations at a site located north of Kintrae Rise, south of Findrassie Wood, Elgin.  I have attached a location plan with the proposed boundary line marked in red.  The nearest postcode is given as IV30 5NF, approximate site centre grid reference is given as 320582, 864360.

Can I please request the following information:

1. Is the site registered as Contaminated Land under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990?
2.  Has the site been included/prioritised for inspection in the Council's Contaminated Land Strategy?
3.  Do you hold any reports on site investigations at the site or within 100m?
4.  Are there any current/former landfills located within 500m of the site? If so, can you please provide any additional details (e.g. location, dates when operational, types/volumes of waste, gas monitoring info etc.)
5.  Are there any buried, or above ground, fuel tanks within the proximity of the site that the council is aware of?

Response 30-06-2023

1. No

2. No

3. The site and adjoining land form part of an area investigated under previous planning applications (e.g. planning reference 19/01085/APP). Reports of these investigations have been forwarded to the requester directly due to the size of the documents.

4. A former quarry at NGR 320670 863800 was infilled prior to 1970 but no records are available. Partial infilling also took place in the former quarry at 320900 863970. Investigations including gas monitoring were undertaken at both of these sites under Part IIA in 2005 but the sites were not determined as Contaminated Land by the Council and no remedial action was required in relation to ground gas generation on the sites.

5. No

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