FOI Request - Secondary School Information

Request 101003338835

1. What teaching staff formula do you use for secondary schools?

2. Do you have any secondary schools with a pupil roll of less than 100? Please provide school details if possible.

3. If you do have any secondary schools with a population of less than 100, do they have any special staffing allowances or exemptions from your local authority staffing formula allowance?

Response 16-06-2023

1. Employee Costs Teaching:

Total Staff Points calculation by formula
1235.2 + (6.1062 x roll)

NB: Changes in school roll will directly impact the total staff points available.

Staff points converted to salary applicable to scale points utilised.

Promoted Staff:
Points utilised based on fte and grade of promoted staff in post

Unpromoted Staff:
fte = (Total staff points – staff points utilised for promoted staff)/100

NB: If, as a result of job sizing, changes are made to promoted staff grades, this will have a direct impact on the unpromoted staff budget available.
Unpromoted salary budget = fte x Maximum Basic Scale Subject to adjustment to reflect actual salaries of staff in post


2. No

3. Not applicable 

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