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1.  I would like copies of the tenders that have already been put out for the proposed new Cloddach bridge, as from February 2022, and any future tenders which are put out.  Together with the tenders received since the last inspection.
I still don’t know of ANY tenders submitted, perhaps the committee would comment?  but as the Moray council has quoted a figure to build a new bridge to the public, I assume that this has been done.  You might confirm that this figure of £3 million+ was not just “in house “ engineers.  Answer please.

Debate behind closed doors needs an explanation.  

2.  The closing of the Cloddach Bridge has created no end of problems for the businesses and residents of Dallas and to everyone including farmers and local businesses in the area outwith Dallas.   I would like to know the numbers.  Do ALL the bridges being repaired this financial year by a council have more than 800 vehicles a day using them.  Please itemise under FOI.

Response 20-07-2023

1. Work to repair Cloddach Bridge has not been agreed by Moray Council and is still under consideration.  As such, this work has not been tendered.  The cost of replacing the bridge was estimated as part of a structural assessment and option appraisal.

2. Bridge maintenance works are prioritised in line with Moray Council's Bridge Maintenance Prioritisation Policy, which uses various criteria to prioritise works, not just the number of vehicles crossing them.  This policy is available on the council's website here:

Committee Report,2nd May 2023 (ED&I Committee) - appendix to Item 8

The bridges that are on the councils capital programme of maintenance works for 2023/24 and the reason for prioritising them are listed below.

Craigellachie Bridge - Priority 1 gritting route 

Viewmill Bridge - Priority 1 gritting route 

Pittendreich Bridge - Priority 1 gritting route 

Kirkhill Drive Bridge - sole access to property 

Bridge of Slateford - sole access to property  

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