FOI Request - List of Children's Playparks

Request 101003336133

I am emailing to request a list of council owned/maintained children's playparks within the local authority area. I would be grateful if this list could be supplied in a spreadsheet format, detailing the playpark name; address; and either datazone[1] or cartesian coordinates[2] in which the playpark is situated.

Furthermore, if you hold the information, I would also like an indication for each playpark as to whether it contains any accessible play equipment. Where possible, I would appreciate if this could indicate the type of accessible play equipment present.  For example, I would be grateful if you could indicate if you have any of the following in your playparks:  

Inclusive dish
Wheelchair accessible roundabout
Basket swing
Wheelchair swing
High back/adaptive swing
Sensory play equipment  
Wheelchair accessible trampoline
Springer with back supports
Seesaw with back supports
Wheelchair accessible multi-play unit
Wheelchair accessible play house

In addition, if you could provide information on if each playpark has any of the below that would be greatly appreciated:

Accessible toilet
Changing Places toilet
Accessible paths
Car parking nearby


Response 05-07-2023

Please find the information you are looking for here

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