FOI Request - Care Experience

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I would like to request the following information under the freedom of information (Scotland) Act, all references to “care” “care experience” are in relation to children/young person being looked after or accommodated (as set out in Section 17(6) of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995) by a local authority either now or in the past and should not be confused with other types of care.

1.           How many sibling groups coming into the care system have you separated for reasons other than safety since 21st March 2021?
2.           Does your local authority either formally or informally exclude care experienced children from education?
3.           If the answer to question 2 is “yes” does your local authority plan to end this practice before March 31st 2024
4.           Do all care experienced children and their families in your local authority area have access to independent advocacy?
5.           If the answer to question 4 is “No” does your local authority plan to ensure that they do by March 31st 2024?
6.           How many uses of restraint have been recorded against care experienced children in residential care settings since 21 March 2021 in your local authority area?
7.           How much has been spent in your local authority area to profit making companies delivering children’s residential care since 21st March 2021?
8.           Does your local authority intend to end the practice of giving profit making companies contracts to deliver children’s residential care by 31st March 2024?
9.           How many care placements has your local authority sold to local authorities from outside of Scotland since 21st March 2021?
10.         Does your local authority intend to end the practice of selling placements to local authorities from outside Scotland by 31st March 2024?
11.         How many instances of local authority staff calling the police to assist with issues relating to children in your care have been recorded since 21st March 2021?
12.         How many school days have been lost due to absence since 21st March 2021 (could I have separate figures for both care experienced pupils and non care experienced pupils please?)
13.         Does your local authority remove care experienced children from education to attend social work meetings or hearings?
14.         How much funding has your local authority received to 1/6/2023 specifically to implement the recommendations within The Promise reports?

Response 04-07-2023

1.  Due to the low numbers associated with this response, this information is exempt under Section 38(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Personal Information.”

2.   As per our exclusion policy, any care experienced child is only excluded in consultation with either the Chief Social Work Officer or Head of Education with plans in place to support the child.

3.  We are working hard to meet this deadline

4.  Yes

5.   N/A

6.   11

7.   Total 2021-22     £1,718,305
      Total 2022-23     £1,923,313

8.   No (we are in contract until 31/03/2025).

9.   We don’t carry out this process.

10. We don’t carry out this process

11.  100

12.  There have been a total of 817,326 half day absences recorded since 21 March 2021 to 7 June 2023.  Of those, 26,136 half day absences were for care experienced pupils and 791,190 half day absences were for pupils not care experienced.

13.  All children and young people regardless of care experienced are offer the opportunity to attend child's planning meetings. When these take place during the school day they will be authorised to be away from school.

14.  Total      £1,365,173

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