FOI Request - Private Water Supplies Data

Request 101003334607

I would like to request private water supply data for an area 5 km in radius of National Grid Ref: NJ 27777 49830. Nearest Address: North Street, Rothes, AB38 7BW

Ideally this will include:

• Location details – co-ordinates or similar
• Source of abstraction (e.g., borehole etc.)
• Any other details (e.g., volumes, purpose, source construction etc.)

Response 30-06-2023

Please see the attached list of private water supplies in your search area. If you require further information on individual sources please contact our Private Water Supplies Team via email .

Reg 2 are supplies that are commercial (including private lets), or they supply more than 50 persons. Category B are non-commercial with less than 50 persons.

NOTE: The location data we hold for the private water supplies is not 100% accurate; eastings and northings can be out, but we are currently working on improving these using GPS surveys. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a figure on the accuracy and some sources may just be located in the general area of the property served. Sources within an additional ‘Plus1km’ buffer are included in the list to cover this eventuality.

The spreadsheet may contain multiple records for the same source reference, this may be where either multiple source abstractions points are located or there are other private water supply infrastructure located e.g. storage tanks. The location Type indicates the type: A or A1 etc = Source, B or B1 etc = supply infrastructure, U or U1 etc = unused supply infrastructure. Sites marked with "Y" confirmed are for sites where we have visited site and obtained more accurate locations. The list does not include historic private water supplies. The data is provided based on the best information available to the council at the time of writing.

Further private water supply information can be obtained from the link below, along with access to our register of sources.  

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