January FOI Requests

Date Request Department
02-01-2024 Homeless Deaths 2023 Housing and Property Services
  Waste Management and Weighbridge Software Tenders Environmental and Commercial
  Live Video Streaming via Celllular HR and ICT
03-01-2024 Climate Emergency Declaration Economic Growth and Development
  Schools Exclusion Policy Education
  Lollipop Men/Women HR
  Planning Permission and Climate Emergency Economic Growth and Development
  New and Improved Data Finance
  Change of Use Applications Governance Strategy and Performance
  Short Term Let Licensing and Planning Multiple
  Business Property Rates Data Finance
04-01-2024 Council Buildings Housing and Property Services
  Northfield Terrace and South Street, Elgin Environmental and Commercial
05-01-2024 Digital Devices Education
  Social Media Advertising Spending Finance
  Gender/Demographics HR
  Household Support Fund Multiple
  NA Funerals since 1.11.23 Economic Growth and Development
  Gender/Demographics HR
06-01-2024 Highway Gullies Environmental and Commercial
  Section 21 and Rule 8 Requests Governance Strategy and Performance
07-01-2024 Streetlights and Powered Infrastructure Locations Environmental and Commercial
08-01-2024 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Staff HR
  Fines for Illegal use of Bus Gates Finance
  Wind, Solar and Energy Project MW/Size Economic Growth and Development
09-01-2024 Housing Benefit Supported Exempt Accommodation Housing and Property Services
  Forres Grass Cutting Environmental and Commercial
  Home Care Provision Adult Social Care
  EIR Private Water Supplies Economic Growth and Development
  Moray Parking Tickets Environmental and Commercial
  Temporary Learning Accommodation Education
  Construction of Parklets Environmental and Commercial
  Council House Waiting Lists Housing and Property Services
  The Promise Reports in Moray Children and Families Social Work
  RTC's on the A940 Environmental and Commercial
10-01-2024 Animal Welfare Premise Inspections Economic Growth and Development
  Dangerous Dog Reports Economic Growth and Development
  Fostering Children and Families Social Work
  Adopted Roads 2023 Environmental and Commercial
  Donkeys/Mules in Licensed Commercial Operations Multiple
  School Meal Charges Environmental and Commercial
  Sport and Leisure Services and Facilities Education, Communities etc
  EV Charge Point Accessibility Economic Growth and Development
  Occupational Therapy Services Adult Social Care
  Council Tax Debt Finance
11-01-2024 Affordable Housing Contributions Economic Growth and Development
  Learning Estate Investment Programme (LEIP) Phase 3 Education/ Learning Estate
  Purchase Data Supplies Finance
  Proportion Of Council-Owned Buildings with Heat Pumps   Housing and Properties
  Mobile Libraries Education
  Pothole Compensation Finance
12-01-2024 Playgrounds Environmental and Commercial
  Garden Waste Collection Environmental and Commercial
  Maternity HR
  EIR Flytipping Fines Economic Growth and Development
15-01-2024 Cost of Residential Children's Services Children and Families SW
  Nursery Survey Education
  Kerbside Recycling Costs (Garden Waste) Environmental and Commercial
  Guidance to New Councillors Multiple
16-01-2024 Anti-social Behaviour on Public Transport Environmental and Commercial
  EV Vehicles Environmental and Commercial
  Universal Free School Meals Environmental and Commercial
  Teaching Staff Information Multiple
  EV Chargers Environmental and Commercial
  Car Use Multiple
  Four Day Working Week HR
  Council Owned Empty Properties Multiple
  First Class Train Spend Finance
  Council Spend on Training and Subscriptions Finance
  20MPH Speed Restrictions Environmental and Commercial
  Council Property Standards Housing and Property Services
  Waste Disposal Centres/Tip Services Environmental and Commercial
  Net Zero Spending Economic Growth and Development
  Boycott or Divestment Policies Finance
  Flags Multiple
  Council Meetings with Various Groups Multiple
  Looked After Children Placement Team Children, Families and Criminal Justice
  Office Space Finance
  Strike Action HR
  Veterans and Homelessness Housing and Property
  External Consultants Multiple
17-01-2024 School Education Information Multiple
  Public Toilets Environmental and Commercial
  Diesel and Petrol Cars Environmental and Commercial
  Play Park Spend Finance
  Counselling Services in Educational Settings Multiple
  Road Damage Compensation Multiple
  Moray Council Autism Strategy 2014-2024 Education
18-01-2024 School Absence Fines Education
  Home to School Transport Multiple
  Energy Management System HR and ICT
  Top Council Salaries HR
  Potholes Environmental and Commercial
19-01-2024 Vaping in Schools Education
  Pest Infestation Control Multiple
  Children Taken Into Care due to Homelessness Children, Families and Criminal Justice
  Artificial Intelligence HR and ICT
  Dedicated Truck Stop Environmental and Commercial
  Animal Welfare Law Economic Growth and Development
20-01-2024 Electric Vehicle Charger Usage for 2023 Environmental and Commercial
  Contaminated and Green Belt Land Economic Growth and Development
22-01-2024 Trusted Assessors Health and Social Care Moray
  Gas and Electricity and Energy Management System Contracts Housing and Property
  Details on Current Contracts Finance
  Vision Impairment (VI) Education Services Education
  Financial and Welfare Guardianship Order Health and Social Care Moray
23-01-2024 Motor Vehicles for 8 or more People Environmental and Commercial
  Unaccompanied Asylum-seeking Children Multiple
  Planning Application Fees Economic Growth and Development
  Keith Grammar and LGBT Charter Award Education
  Damp and Mould Hazards Housing and Property
  4DW Campaign HR
24-01-2024 HMO Selective Additional Licensing HR and ICT
  Adult Social Care Innovation Health and Social Care Moray
  Potholes Stats and Claims Environmental and Commercial
  Planning Staffing and Housing Development Applications Multiple
  Staff Working from Home or Abroad HR
  NA Funerals since 24.11.23 Economic Growth and Development
  Music Tuition in Schools Education
  Highway Bridges Environmental and Commercial
  Flood Defence Areas Environmental and Commercial
25-01-2024 Seizure of Dogs Economic Growth and Development
  Nitrates Presence in School Meals Environmental and Commercial
  Looked After and Adopted Children Children, Families and  Criminal Justice
26-01-2024 Littering Environmental and Commercial
  Pupil Devices in Schools Multiple
  Car Parking Bay Sizes Environmental and Commercial
  Rental Demand Figures Housing and Property
27-01-2024 Damage to Cars due to Potholes Environmental and Commercial
  Outdoor Swimming Pool Applications Education, Resources and Communities
28-01-2024 Training Allowance for Councillors Governance, Strategy and Performance
29-01-2024 Roads/Weeds/Plastics Multiple
  Antisemitism and Islamophobia Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Probationer Teacher Numbers Multiple
  Nurseries and Early Learning Centres Training Education
  Transition from Mainstream to Special School Education
30-01-2024 ASN Budget Finance
  Pothole Numbers and Repairs Environmental and Commercial
  Transitions Officers HR
31-01-2024 Water Direct Scheme Finance
  Commissioner Information Multiple
  Community Wardens HR
  Male Victims of Domestic Abuse   Multiple

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