FOI Request - RTC's on the A940

Request 101003461242

Under the FOI Act 2000, can I ask Moray Council for a breakdown of road traffic collisions occurring on the A940 Forres- Grantown road, at its ‘Y’ junction with the unclassified road to Beachens and Tomcork Farm, as detailed below, for the years 2021,2022 and 2023.

1. What is the total number of road traffic collisions for each of the years highlighted at this location?
2. Of those listed, how many each year were classified as damage only, slight, serious and fatal?
3. Of those collisions listed each year, how many were caused by, or attributed to vehicles exiting or entering the unclassified road junction where in meets the A940?
4. Of those listed, how many were attributed to ice, or snow on the A940?
5. What is the total cost of work resulting in Moray Council wanting to realign the ‘Y’junction at the locus highlighted?
6. Has Moray Council considered addressing the drainage problem at this locus, which causes water to overflow onto the A940 from the drain situated at the South side of the A940, which freezes in icy conditions and causes ‘black ice’?

Response 05-02-2024

1. Data provided by Police Scotland relates to reported injury accidents only. There are no reported injury accidents over the years 2021, 2022 and 2023 - although the provision of data for 2023 is not a complete year as it takes 2 to 3 months for injury accidents to appear within the data supplied to the Council.

2. Damage only accidents have not been included in the data supplied by Police Scotland since 2013. However damage only accidents are evident from roadside debris, and repairs that the landowner and Moray Council have undertaken to the wall and road sign at the junction.

3. There have been no reported accidents relating to turning movements at the junction.

4. We receive reports of vehicles losing control at this junction from local residents but do not collate a database of such reports. The most recent report related to 4 separate loss of control accidents on the morning 6 January 2024 when there was an overnight period of rain which washed away surface treatments followed by a drop in temperature which led to the surface water freezing and forming ice on the section of road at and around the junction. No individuals were injured in these accidents.

5. The road safety scheme at this location will see works to manage surface water and enable the relocation of road signage, the total cost of which will be £80,000 which has been funded by the Scottish Government who have approved the scheme.

6. Yes, the scheme which is being undertaken is to address surface water at this location which runs from the side road onto the main road, which when it freezes in icy conditions and has led to loss of control accidents over the years, including the 4 non-injury loss of control accidents on the 6 January 2024 noted above. The works will include the re-profiling of an embankment adjacent to the carriageway to create roadside space for drainage infrastructure. The landowners are supportive of these works and agreed to them being undertaken on their land.

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