FOI Request - Teaching Staff Information

Request 101003472127

1.  Since the beginning of the academic year 20/21, how many teachers or other members of school staff have been suspended, disciplined and/or dismissed after being accused of having a sexual relationship with a pupil or making unwanted advances towards a pupil? If it does not exceed the cost threshold, please provide a breakdown for the number for teachers and other support staff.

2.  Of those to have been suspended, disciplined or dismissed, how many cases resulted in a charge being brought against the teacher/member of support staff?

3.  If it does not exceed the cost threshold, what percentage of schools in your area are state-schools which are overseen by councils, the percentage that are academy trusts, and the percentage which are independent schools.

Response 13-02-2024

1. None. 

2. Not applicable


96.4% Council schools (Primary and Secondary)
3.6% Private Schools

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