FOI Request - Littering

Request 101003479588

Litter volume and composition

1.  Do you regularly record a breakdown of litter tonnage by component materials?  If you don’t separate data in this way, do you estimate the composition of litter?

2.  Do you regularly record a breakdown of the litter materials that go into residual waste and recycling?

Data that informs litter management  

3.  Do you collect litter on the ground data for all your land types? Do you collect footfall data for different land types? If yes, how do you collect this & what proportion do you collect it for?

4.  Do you overlay weather data with litter on the ground data?

5.   Do you collect data on any other variables that might explain changes in littering?  If yes, what other data do you collect?

Litter prevention activities

6. Have you carried out any litter prevention activities or interventions in the last three financial years (these could include – education and awareness raising, community-based action, binfrastructure, working with local businesses, improved enforcement, street scene investment)? If yes: please list and describe the factors that informed the intervention’s design.  

7.  Did you work with any internal or external partners when planning litter prevention activities or interventions?  If yes, please list these partners.

8.  Have you collected data on the impact and/or effectiveness of these litter prevention interventions?  What measures of impact and/or effectiveness did you use?

Response 21-02-2024 

1.  No

2.  No

Data that informs litter management  

3.  No

4.  No

5.   No

Litter prevention activities

6. No

7.  No

8.  No

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