FOI Request - Learning Estate Investment Programme (LEIP) Phase 3

Request 101003469733

I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request the following information from the local authority. Please may you provide me with the following information:

1. When the local authority was first made aware that it had been successful in securing funding from Phase 3 of the Learning Estate Investment Programme (LEIP)
2. Whether development activities on the project began before this date, if so, when did they begin and what work was carried out eg. site selection, surveys and tests, community consultation, brief development and early design work. If they did not begin before LEIP funding was confirmed, was this due to waiting on funding confirmation?
3. Have anticipated costs of the project changed since the initial bid? If so, what has caused this and when was the local authority first made aware.
4. The anticipated completion date of the project.

Response 06-02-2024

1. 30 October 2023

2. A submission for LEIP 3 funding was submitted in to Scottish Government October 2022.  
High level property appraisal was completed in September 2023 to advise on whether it would be practicable and cost effective to provide a refurbished school as an alternative to a new build option.
Engaged hub North Scotland to provide development management services to confirm project definition and provide a Strategic Outline Business Case Options Appraisal to support Scottish Government submission.

3. The project is still at a high level design stage and updated costs have not been identified at this stage.

4. The anticipated handover date for the school is January 2028

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