FOI Request - Planning Staffing and Housing Development Applications

Request 101003477694

1.  The number of vacancies in your planning department, broken down by grade

2.  The number of staff your planning department should have, or is budgeted to have, broken down by grade

3.  The number of major housing development applications your planning department has outstanding, i.e. no decision issued

4.  The total number of homes proposed in these outstanding major housing development applications

5.  The reference numbers for these outstanding major housing development applications

6.  The value of investment or Gross Development Value of the outstanding major housing development applications

Response 20-02-2024

1. None

2. 1 x G13 Manager
1 x G11 Principal Planning Officer
1 X G10 Senior Planning Officer
4 x G7-9 Planning Officers
1 x G8 Graphics

1 x G13 Manager
2 x G11 Principal Planning officer
2 x G10 Senior Planning Officer (One part -time)
2 x FTE G 7-9 Planning Officer
1 x Part time Planning Officer - temporary contract 12 months
2 Part-time Planning Officer - G7-9
1 x Enforcement Officer - G9
1 x Condition Compliance Officer - G8
1.5 x Planning Technical Support Staff - G6

3. One - AMC reserved matters

4. 148

5. 23/02239/AMC

6. Not available. Information that is not held falls under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information not held.

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