FOI Request - Council House Waiting Lists

Request 101003461621 

1. I would like to know the number of people on the waiting list for social housing as of 31st January 2023.

2. I would like to know the mean wait time for social housing in 2023 for each band: A, B and C. If the bands are not applicable then just the average overall.

3. I would like to know many ex serviceman/veterans were on the waiting list as of 31st January 2023.

4. I would like to know how many women who were victims of domestic abuse were on the waiting list as of 31st January 2023 (this may be categorized as  violence/abuse in current home).

Response 01-02-2024

1. Please note, the numbers below are the number of applications, NOT people

Rehousing List No.
1. Homeless List 97
2. Waiting List 2142
3. Transfer List 542
Sum: 2781


2. Moray Council does not operate a banding system.  Included is the average time applications have been waiting on each of the waiting lists, as at 31/01/2023.

Rehousing List Average Waiting Time
Homeless Waiting List 1.36 years
General Waiting List 2.77 years
Transfer Waiting List 2.57 years
Combined 2.68 years


3. 27 applications from applicants from the Armed Forces, as at 31/01/2023

4. Not held. We are unable to provide this information retrospectively for a historic waiting list. Information that is not held falls under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information not held.

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