FOI Request - Probationer Teacher Numbers

Request 101003481740

1.  The number of probationer teachers who have filled vacant teaching posts in each of the last five years.

2.  The number of current vacant teaching posts have been filled by a probationer teacher for more than one year.

3.  The number of probationer teachers that are supernumerary and the number that  a) have been offered a position on an interim basis and i) the nature and length of this position, and b) have not been allocated a position to date

Response 21-02-2024

1.  23/24     requested 36 to fill vacancies 
     22/23     requested 42 to fill vacancies
     21/22     requested 34 to fill vacancies
     20/21     requested 25 to fill vacancies
     19/20     requested 27 to fill vacancies

2.  6

3   a)  36

     a)i)  1 year temporary position

     b) 0

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