FOI Request - Streetlights and Powered Infrastructure Locations

Request 101003460128

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I would like to enquire about the following information relating to street light location data for council assets and any or sub-districts within your area.  Please could you provide me with the street lighting location data for your area, preferably in a shapefile or other well-known formats so that these can be plotted..

I was unable to find this online for your county, borough or district, but it is available for other boroughs such as Camden ( and Sutton.
Please could you also provide:

1.  The locations of streetlights or other powered infrastructure such as illuminated road signs et al in a commonly used format such as CSV and include the geospatial detail of latitude and longitude or similar.

2. An indication if any external 3rd parties are utilising this infrastructure within Elexon guidelines or otherwise.

3.  How many streetlights have been changed to LEDs.

4. The annual cost for running the streetlights.

Response 30-01-2024

1. Due to the size of the file this information was sent to the requester directly

2. The only 3rd parties utilising infrastructure would be local community Festive Lighting.

3. Please refer to the information given in question 1.

4. £393,086.64 for 2022/2023

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