FOI Request - Planning Application Fees

Request 101003476504

1.  Can you please provide the number of times the authority has refunded planning application fees to developers who had waited more than 26 weeks for a decision without other agreements or exemptions being put in place – as per the Government’s 2013 implementation of these rules.

2.  In a digital table format, such as excel or pdf, can you provide the total number of payments returned, and every instance between January 2013 and December 2023 of money being returned to developers, the date of the return and the amount of money returned (£).

3.  Can the authority also provide, for the same time period, the number of planning applications that have waited more than 26 weeks for a decision, without agreements in place.

Clarification sought 29-01-2024

No clarification received therefore case closed as invalid 01-05-2024

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