FOI Request - Home Care Provision

Request 101003461619 

I would like to request the following information regarding Home Care provision commissioned by Moray Council:

1. When was Moray Council/ HSCM informed of the Care Inspectorate improvement notice relating to Home Care provision?

2. When was the return of Allied home care packages back to Moray Council decision made and by which party?

3. Which party set 19th December 2023 as the date for withdrawal of home care services provided by Allied, and how was this date determined?

4. As of 24 November 2023, how many home care packages were Allied commissioned to support on behalf of Moray Council/HSCM?

5. How many of these home care packages had an element of double up support? How many of these double up home care packages were returned to Moray Council/HSCM by Allied?

6. What were the selection criteria used to determine which care packages would be returned to Moray Council/HSCM?

7. What was the primary health condition of the home care packages of service users returned by Allied?
8. Please submit any document relating to how the selection criteria were determined (e.g. Outline Business Case)?

9. Was an Equality Impact Assessment (now known as an IIA) undertaken prior to the 24 November 2023?

10. If an EIA (IIA) was developed, was it submitted to the Equalities Officer prior to the 24 November 2023 and what were the comments made by the Equalities Officer (if any)?

11. If applicable please submit a copy of the EIA (IIA).

Response 01-02-2024

1. 6th October 2023

2. Allied submitted 28 day notice on 20th November 2023.

3. A 28 day notice period is normal within services.

4. From mailing list dated 23/11/2023, 156 people total.

5. Total of 7 double ups.  4 of these double ups handed back.

6. The provider completed this as per their business continuity processes

7. Unable to provide this information as everyone has separate health conditions and any information could identify individuals. This has therefore been exempted from disclosure in accordance with Section 38(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 -third-party personal information. However, there was a mixture of physical and mental health conditions. 

8. This is a business decision by the provider. H&SCM is not involved in this process.

9. No

10. N/A

11. N/A

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