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1. Total number of staff that went on maternity leave since 2012?
2. Average length of maternity leave mothers has taken since 2012? E.g. 9 months or 1 year
3. Total number of mothers that returned full time to work after maternity leave?
4. Total number of mothers that returned to work part time following maternity leave?
5. Total number of mothers that did not return to work at all following maternity leave?
6. Number of stress absences after turning to work post birth in the first 2 years?
7. How many management instructions or disciplinaries related to mothers returning to work post birth? E.g. off for too many periods of time
8. What is your policy for staff needing time off to take care of their children or take their children to doctors’ appointments?
9. Do staff have to take unpaid leave to take care of their sick children, or do they get paid?
10. Do you carry out a health and safety risk assessment for pregnant women?
11. What is your maternity pay policy?
12. Are women explained their pregnancy rights when they tell their employer/manager they are pregnant?
13. Total number of employment tribunal claims since 2012 taken by mothers against the Council for any case with ‘maternity’ or ‘pregnancy’ mentioned since 2012?
14. Reason for employment tribunal claims if stated.
15. Total number of successful tribunals claims against the Council for any case with ‘maternity’ or ‘pregnancy’ mentioned since 2012?

Response 06-02-2024

1. Please note, data available from 2016 onwards only:
632 from January 2016 to end of January 2024

2. Please note, data available from 2016 onwards only
Leave more than 280 days = 256
Leave less than 280 days = 258
Still on Maternity Leave = 118

3. -6. Not held. This information is not recorded. Information that is not held falls under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information not held.

7. None.

8. Employee has to use flexi leave or annual leave.

9. They can have up to 5 days paid special leave for this purpose in a calendar year.  If they are unable to make alternative arrangements they can use more than one day in a sickness period. If they use 5 days in a calendar year and require more, they have to take unpaid special leave.

10. Yes. 

11. Employees, both full and part-time, who have accrued a period of at least 26 weeks continuous service by the qualifying week, may be entitled to occupational maternity pay, as outlined in the following paragraphs:
Occupational maternity pay is only paid to employees who return to work for at least 3 calendar months following the birth of their baby. If you are unsure as to whether or not you will return to work, you can opt to have this money withheld.  The Payroll Section will then pay the outstanding OMP on completion of the 3 month period.
Payable to All Employees:
The first 6 weeks of any period of maternity leave will be paid at 9/10th’s of normal pay, offset against any payment made by way of Statutory Maternity Pay or Maternity Allowance where eligible.
Employees who intend to return to work:
For employee’s intending to return to work, the next 12 weeks will be paid at 5/10th’s of normal pay without any deduction.  However, where the combined pay and Statutory Maternity Pay (or Maternity Allowance and any dependant’s allowances) would exceed the full pay, a deduction will be made.
For the next 8 weeks of Ordinary Maternity Leave, Statutory Maternity Pay only, will be paid.  
Employees with less than 26 weeks continuous service, at the qualifying week are not eligible for Occupational Maternity Pay

12. Moray Council have a policy for employees to consult when they are pregnant.

13. None.

14. N/A

15. N/A

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