August FOI Requests

Date Request Department
01-08-2023 EIR Private Water Supply Data Economic Growth and Development
  Council Owned Car Parks Environmental and Commercial
  Incidents of Fly Tipping Environmental and Commercial
  Dog Breeder Licences Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Zoo Licensing Act Governance, Strategy and Performance
  EIR Bird Deaths Economic Growth and Development
02-08-2023 EIR Proposed Simpson Malt, Rothes, Aberlour Economic Growth and Development
  Confirmation regarding Moray Council Economic Growth and Development
  Income from Wind Turbines Finance
  Communications Data Multiple
  Facility Management in Local Authority run Schools Environmental and Commercial
  Review of 101003355188 Social Housing Tenant Evictions Housing and Property
03-08-2023 Spending on Salesforce Products ICT
  Council Staff Salaries HR
  Books for Rent in Libraries Education, Resources and Communities
  Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Claims for Road Defects Multiple
  Review of 101003364196 Commercial Rate for Surface Dressing a Road Environmental and Commercial
04-08-2023 Heat Pumps in Council Properties Housing and Property
07-08-2023 Student Accommodation/Social Housing Housing and Property
  Tree Planting Data Environmental and Commercial
  Solar Panels and EV Charging Points Multiple
  Email Communications Platform HR
  Use of Gov Notify Governance, Strategy and Performance
08-08-2023 Decriminalised Parking Enforcement Environmental and Commercial
  Smoke Control Zones Economic Growth and Development
  Artificial Caving Systems Economic Growth and Development
  Overpaid Council Tax Finance
  Cemetery Booking System Environmental and Commercial
09-08-2023 Foster Care Information Social Work
10-08-2023 Right-to-Buy Properties Housing and Property
  Gaelic Medium Education Education
  Third Sector Drug Funding Multiple
11-08-2023 Temporary Accommodation in Caravan/Camping Sites Housing and Property
  ASN After School Clubs Education
  Leisure and Culture Education
  Housing Housing and Property
  NA Funerals Economic Growth and Development
  Temporary Accommodation Spend Housing and Property
14-08-2023 Non Residential Social Care Charges Adult Social Care
  Autism Diagnoses Information Adult Social Care
  Installation of EV Charge Points for Listed Buildings Economic Growth and Development
  Swimming Pool Closures Education, Resources and Communities
  Numbers of Home-Schooled Children Education
15-08-2023 Digital Devices in Schools ICT
  EIR Seagull Plans Economic Growth and Development
  Technology Enabled Care Multiple
  Bus and National Entitlement Cards Environmental and Commercial
16-08-2023 Social Housing Damp and Mould Housing and Property Services
  Anti-Social Behaviour in Council Economic Growth and Development
  Restraining Equipment Multiple
  Illegal E-Cigarettes Economic Growth and Development
  Period Product Distribution Environmental and Commercial
17-08-2023 Transfer of UAS Children Health and Social Care Moray
  Debt Collection and Write Off Policies Finance
  Confiscated Animals under Dangerous Wild Animals Act Economic Growth and Development
  School Repairs Education
  Council Funded Women Only Swimming Lessons Education, Resources and Communities
  Dog Wardens and Rescue Centres Economic Growth and Development
  Ukraine Homelessness Data Housing and Property
18-08-2023 Emissions Based Parking Charges Environmental and Commercial
21-08-2023 Daily Mile in Primary Schools Education
  Oath of Office - Public Liability Insurer Multiple
  School Transport Environmental and Commercial
  Software and SaaS Products HR & ICT
  Remote Working HR
  Adult Social Care Services Health and Social Care Moray
  Production and Supply of Food in Council Buildings Environmental and Commercial
  Spending for Young Adults Leaving Care Health and Social Care Moray
  Supported Living MH, LD and ASD Adult Social Care
  Nortrail Project Environmental and Commercial
22-08-2023 Salary Overpayments Finance
  Lionesses World Cup Final 2023 Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Secondary School Timetables 2023-24 Education
  Utility Expenses for Council Staff Multiple
  Community Link Workers Adult Social Care
23-08-2023 School Trips Education
  People Refused Temporary Accommodation Housing and Property Services
  Elgin BID Food and Drink Festival Economic Growth and Development
24-08-2023 Anti-Social Behaviour by Council Tenants Housing and Property Services
  Internal Audit Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Burial and Cremations Environmental and Commercial
  Asbestos In Schools Multiple
  Substitute Teachers Education
  Parked Vehicles Obstructing Pathways Environmental and Commercial
25-08-2023 Assistance Dogs in Education Education
  Park Bench Data Environmental and Commercial
  Council Funded Football Pitches Education
28-08-2023 Carbon Credits Finance
  Street Lighting Inventory Environmental and Commercial
  Dog Policies Multiple
  Public Bus Routes Closed Environmental and Commercial
  Voids Due to Meter Delays Housing and Property
29-08-2023 ICT Expenditure HR/ICT
  Payments for Service Users Finance
30-08-2023 Number and Value of Art Works Multiple
  EIR Climate Action Strategies, Collaboration and Metrics Economic Growth and Development
  Names and Contact Details Multiple
31-08-2023 Eco Anxiety Multiple
  School Closures Education

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