FOI Request - ICT Expenditure

Request 101003387007

Please could you provide me with the following information about your organisation's ICT expenditure.
Please include expenditure for the period April to March (or closest period based on your financial year). Please enter in £s, not £000s or £ms.
Please include revenue and capital expenditure, if possible.
Item                          Notes                                         2022/23                  Comments
1. Networking Services Please exclude equipment - see below
2. Networking Equipment Please exclude services - see above
3. Mobility Services Includes mobile voice (calls), messaging and data. If possible, please exclude cost of mobile devices
4. Mobile Devices Mobile handsets or smartphones. If possible, please exclude cost of mobile services - see above
5. Fixed Line Services Line rental or broadband. Please exclude mobile services
6. Fixed Line Devices Telephones and conferencing equipment. Please exclude mobile devices
7. Security Equipment Example: network firewall (hardware, not software)

Response 26-09-2023


Item: Expenditure 2022/23:
1. Networking Services                       £15,500
2. Networking Equipment                    £77,000    
3. Mobility Services                             £124,000
4. Mobile Devices                                £5,000
5. Fixed Line Services                         £113,000                              
6. Fixed Line Devices                          N/A
7. Security Equipment                         N/A

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