FOI Request - Social Housing Damp and Mould

Request 101004478033

1.  Please provide the total number of social houses owned by your council

2.  In the past 12 months how many formal complaints have your council received relating to mould and damp in your social housing stock?
i.)  Please also provide the number of formal complaints over the last three years.

3.  How many homes have you inspected where there was damp or mould present in the past 12 months
i.)  Please also provide the number of houses over the last three years

4.  How many of your council homes are estimated to have mould or damp issues at present? If an estimate is available how is this estimate arrived at?

Response 07-09-2023

1. 6382

2. 35 

  i.) 77

3. 323 (from 1 September  2022 to 31 August 2023)

 i.) 296 (only 2 years data available)

4. Moray Council have commissioned 78 surveys for damp and mould issues in Q1 of 2023/4 for their residential let properties.

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