FOI Request - Eco Anxiety

Request 101003389031

The questions relate to any council funds put towards supporting people with climate anxiety in the community (sometimes known as eco anxiety) and educating residents on the issue.

1.      Has the council launched or run any initiatives relating to
climate anxiety? Please list all relevant schemes, consultations or initiatives launched or run in the past five years and include their costs and relevant timescales that they ran for. EG – Workshop run by X, cost £x – February 24, 2023. Please present these schemes in categories for the last five calendar years (including 2023).

2.      Has the council paid for the services (consultations or
workshops) of Dr Patrick Kennedy-Williams and Megan Kennedy-Woodard?
They operate under the company known as Climate Psychologists. If so, please provide details of what services they provided the council and when as well as how much the council paid for each service.

3.      Please provide any public documents or material created or
shared by the council in relation to climate anxiety.

4.      Does the council have any policies or guidance in relation to
climate anxiety and if so what is it?

Response 22-09-2023

1.      None specifically on climate anxiety - not held. Information that is not held falls under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information not held. However, this is mentioned in the carbon literacy training which is run in-house for officers and members.

2.      No

3.      Not applicable

4.      No

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