FOI Request - Numbers of Home-Schooled Children

Request 101003377119

1.  For each of the last five academic years, the number of home-schooled children in your local authority.

2.  What monitoring takes place regarding home-schooled children.

Response 05-09-2023

1. 2019 - 22
2020 - 34
2021 - 28
2022 - 29
2023 - 16

Please be aware that these are the young people who were given consent and does not take into account the number of children who may have returned to school.

2. An annual update report is requested from all home educating families - this can be provided in whatever form suits the family best (email, telephone, face-to-face, letter).  

Some families appreciate the opportunity to make contact over their period of home educating - out with the annual update. The home schooling officer is available to provide hints and tips, advice and signpost services as appropriate.

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