July FOI Requests

Date Request Department
03-07-2023 Foster Care Statistics Children, Families and Criminal Justice
  BSL Availability Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Social Housing Rents Housing and Property Services
  Social Homes Adaptation Figures Multiple
  Business Rates Credits and Write Ons Finance
04-07-2023 Adult Social Care Provider Payments Health and Social Care Moray
  Council Housing Housing and Property Services
  Primary and Secondary School MH Support Education
  Food Waste Collection Service Environmental and Commercial
  Care Rates 2023-24 Multiple
  Fire Alarm Calls in Schools Education
  Dr Gray's Hospital Ward 4 Refurbishment Health and Social Care Moray
  Foster Care Statistics (1) Children, Families and Criminal Justice
05-07-2023 Covid 19 Empty Property Levy Discount Multiple
  Savings due to Industrial Action by Teachers Multiple
  Civic Honours Governance, Strategy and Performance
06-07-2023 Fines from Electric Vehicle Charging Points Environmental and Commercial
  Funding Rates and Meal Allowance for Partner Provider Settings Education
  Residential Family Centres Children, Families and Criminal Justice
  Child Protection Investigations Children, Families and Criminal Justice
  School Violence Education
  Council Use of Baliffs Multiple
  Definition of Words in Council Policy Governance, Strategy and Performance
07-07-2023 Potholes Reported and Repaired Environmental and Commercial
  Affordable Housing Housing and Property Services
  Summer Funding - Food and Activities and Childcare Programmes Education
08-07-2023 EIR Ecologist Otter Research Project Environmental and Commercial
09-07-2023 Councillor and Council Officer Details Governance, Strategy and Performance
10-07-2023 Housing in Dufftown Multiple
  Council Papers re. Flooding in Garmouth Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Autism Diagnosis Waiting Times Health and Social Care Moray
  Corporate Estate Managing Maintenance Multiple
  Classroom Assistants Temporary Contracts HR
  Social Housing Tenant Evictions Housing and Property Services
11-07-2023 Vapes in Schools Education
  Pedestrian Crossings Environmental and Commercial
  Display Energy Certificates Multiple
12-07-2023 Affordable Housing Development and New Builds Housing and Property Services
  Racism at Schools Education
  Environmental Health Staffing and Systems HR
  Teacher Vacancies Multiple
  Social Care Staff Vacancies HR
  External Systems and Costs HR
  NA Funerals Economic Growth and Development
13-07-2023 New and Improved Relief Data Finance
  Fresh Start Relief Data Finance
  Driving Test Information Education
14-07-2023 Arts and Culture Funding Multiple
  Racism Figures in Schools Education
  Food Hygiene (Scotland) Regulations 2006 Economic Growth and Development
  EIR Food Safety Act 1990 Economic Growth and Development
  Health and Safety at Work Act etc 1974 Economic Growth and Development
  Inspection of Accounts Research Finance
  IT Systems HR & ICT
  EIR High Hedges (Scotland) Act 2013 Economic Growth and Development
17-07-2023 Funds for Refugee and Asylum Seeker Support Health and Social Care
  School Building Information Education
18-07-2023 Planning Acts Economic Growth and Development
  Social Care Data Health and Social Care Moray
  Waste Collection Data Environmental and Commercial
  Primary School Swimming Lessons Education
  Coronation Spend Multiple
  School Meal Costs Environmental and Commercial
  School Exclusions Education
  Data Request near Aultmore Economic Growth and Development
19-07-2023 Pupil Weapons Education
  School Lunch Debt Environmental and Commercial
  Roseisle Traffic Environmental and Commercial
20-07-2023 Asylum Seeker Accommodation Economic Growth and Development
  Council Owned Football Pitches Education, Resources and Communities
  School Absences Education
21-07-2023 Dementia Care Costs Health and Social Care Moray
  Fixed Penalty Notices Environmental and Commercial
  Asthma in Schools Education
  Housing Related Support Housing and Property Services
22-07-2023 Electric Vehicle Information Environmental and Commercial
  Commissioning Arrangements for Home Care Health and Social Care Moray
23-07-2023 NA Funerals (1) Economic Growth and Development
  Flood Alleviation Committee Reports Governance, Strategy and Performance
24-07-2023 Positive Relationship Approach to Discipline in Schools Education
  Commercial Rate for Surface Dressing a Road Environmental and Commercial
25-07-2023 Removal of War Memorials Environmental and Commercial
  Drug Case Workers and Vaping in Schools Education
  Accommodation for Homeless Households Housing and Property Services
26-07-2023 EV Charging Tariffs Environmental and Commercial
  Adoption and  Care of Children Children, Families and Criminal Justice
  Highway Development Control Environmental and Commercial
  Special Educational Needs Schools Education
  Data on Safe Spaces Housing and Property Services
  Digitisation of Parking Environmental and Commercial
  Spending on Celebrity Appearances HR
  Retirement on Ill-Health Grounds HR
  RRTP Feedback Housing and Property Services
  Local Authority Trading Companies Finance
  Cat and Dog Breeding and Welfare Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Old Military Road A939 Environmental and Commercial
27-07-2023 Road Closures Environmental and Commercial
  Payment for Use of Harbours Environmental and Commercial
  Social Care Agency and Overtime Spend Health and Social Care Moray
  Martyn's Law Premises Education, Resources and Communities
  EIR Flood Alleviation Grant Application Information Environmental and Commercial
28-07-2023 Early Years Data Education
  Probationer Teachers in Primary Schools Education
  Probationer Teachers in Secondary Schools Education
  Probationary Teachers Requests and Allocations Education
  Hosting Contract ICT
  School Defibrilators Education
  School Budget Education
  Recruitment Spend and Information HR
31-07-2023 Online Learning in Secondary Schools Education
  Social Work Staff Information Multiple
  Local Government IT ICT
  Non-Domestic Rates Team Finance

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