FOI Request - Arts and Culture Funding

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1.  How many job roles at the Council are dedicated to arts and culture policy today?

2.  How many roles were dedicated to arts and culture policy on this date in 2013?

3.  Please confirm your budget dedicated to providing art and culture for each financial year stated below:

4.  How many venues dedicated to hosting arts or cultural events have closed since 2013?

Response 09-08-2023

1. Local Heritage Officer is 100% dedicated, 

Portion of hours dedicated to 'culture' by Sport & Culture Service Manager and Principal Librarian (and wider Libraries, Learning Centre & Heritage team) - hard to define what portion of hours this would be.  
No arts policy roles.
Senior Project Manager Cultural Quarter post is 100% dedicated to culture; 

approx 2.2 Full Time Equivalent staff in 2023

2. Was not involved in arts and culture 'per se' in 2013 but there was the Local Heritage Officer and a portion of hours from the Libraries & Museums Manager and there would have been the staff based at the museum (HR dept files do not go back this far for roles no longer in place). 

Over and above this there was a Full Time Arts Development Officer, 2 x Part Time Arts Development Workers and 1 x Part Time Cultural Co-ordinator. Over and above this there would have been staffing that would have looked after our town halls as well.
15.07 Full Time Equivalent staff predicted in 2013.

3. 2013-2014 £707,000
2018-2019 £383,000
2023-2024 £158,000

4. Technically none - all town halls and museums have been transferred across to another provider outwith the Local Authority.  The Falconer Museum is temporarily closed as identifying an operating model within available resource.

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