EIR Request - Flood Alleviation Grant Application Information

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For clarity, I want the following information:

When a Council applies to the Scottish Government for grant money for a flood alleviation scheme (Section 60 Flood protection schemes of the FRMA 2009) it must provide certain data. Within that data the Council must give a value of property, utilities and other economic factors that will be protected by the scheme.

1. How is the value of property(s) at risk calculated?
2. What and how  is the upper limit on the value of property to be protected calculated for housing/residential buildings, community owned controlled property and facilities, commercial properties and public utilities?
3. What other economic and environmental factors/risks does the Council have to add into the calculations of the cost of damage/losses incurred as a result of flooding?
4. What method is used to calculator value/cost of damages caused by flooding of the properties to be protected,
5. How are the economic benefits of any project calculated against the cost of any scheme?

Response 03-08-2023

The following guidance document is used when applying for a Grant and should provide answers to all the questions above:


This information therefore falls under exception 6(1)(b) of the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 - Information Otherwise Accessible.

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