FOI Request - Probationer Teachers in Secondary Schools

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I would like to request the release of information regarding secondary school probationary teachers.

I have attached a spreadsheet to make my request as clear as possible and ensure comparability of data. It has space for the name of your local authority and the name of a secondary school in your area, as well as probationer numbers in each school across the past nine academic years and the coming academic year. I am happy to receive a response in the form of a single spreadsheet for each school, or a single compiled spreadsheet containing information for each school in the council area.

Please note that the column for 'Assigned' probationers should show the total number that the council initially sought to place in each subject / school. If, for example, a probationer was allocated and later left before completing the year, or was allocated and declined the offer for whatever reason, they should still be included in the figures in this release.

The column for 'Completed' probationers should show the total number who finished the required academic year as part of gaining their full teaching qualification. Obviously this cannot be completed for year 2023/24.

I have left space for notes for any additional information about discrepancies between the two figures. For example, it would be helpful to know if the Assigned and Completed numbers differed because of rejected offers or because probationers failed to complete the year.
Local Authority:

Number of Probationer Teachers
Subject      2014/15                  2015/16                  2016/17                  2017/18                  2018/19                2019/20                  2020/21                  2021/22                  2022/23                  2023/24
               Assigned Completed Assigned Completed   Assigned Completed  Assigned Completed   Assigned Completed Assigned Completed  Assigned Completed   Assigned Completed  Assigned Completed   Assigned Completed
English -
Maths -
Biology -
Chemistry -
Physics -
History -
Geography -
Modern Studies -
Art & Design -
Music -
Drama -
Physical Education -
Religious Education -
French -
Spanish -
German -
Italian -
Gaelic -
Mandarin -
Psychology -
Home Economics -
Technical Education -
Computing Science -
Business Education -

Response 21-08-2023

The response to your request can be found below for the respective secondary schools:


Elgin Academy

Elgin High






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