FOI Request - Teacher Vacancies

Request 101003356773

1.  The total number of full-time equivalent secondary school teacher vacancies there are currently in your local authority. This information should be broken down by school and subject/area (e.g. Maths, English, Biology, P.E, etc).

2.  How long each of these vacancies has been unfilled. E.g. ‘The vacancy for P.E. teacher was posted on 11 July 2023, and therefore has been unfilled for 1 day’.

3.  How many times each of these vacancies has been re-advertised.

Can the information please be displayed in an Excel document, using the below table:

Name of school:             Subject/area:            Date vacancy was posted:        No. of days

                                                                                                                     the role has been


Response 19-07-2023

NIL. There are no teaching vacancies currently advertised at this time.

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