FOI Request - BSL Availability

Request 101003350231 

1. What provision currently is there for a BSL translation of written correspondence?

2. Do you have any plan to increase provision by 2024?

3. What are your aspirations for improving accessibility for BSL users in your correspondence at the next release of your BSL plans?

Response 26-07-2023

1. At the moment this can be done upon request.

2. Moray Council is currently working with the Deaf community in Moray to develop its new BSL plan. Feedback from the BSL community is that they would like to see an increase in the provision.

3. Our aspirations are to improve access to our services and information for BSL users. We have been extending our engagement with BSL users in our area to get a better representation of their views, needs and aspirations in our BSL plan. Correspondence will be one of the themes in the BSL plan. Our aim is to have regular meetings with the Deaf community and to involve BSL users in making more information available in BSL format.

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