September FOI Requests

Date Request Department
01-09-2023 S4 School Leavers Education
  Food Safety Officers HR
  Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) and School Estate Multiple
03-09-2023 Council Expenditure or Payment to Suppliers Oct 22 - Jun 23 Finance
04-09-2023 Schools Using Temporary Accommodation Education
  Short Term Let Processing Times Housing and Property Services
  School Safety Incidents Education
  School Attendance 21/22 and 22/23 Education
  Email Encryption and E-Signatures Multiple
  Staff OT Referrals and Working from Home Multiple
  IT Equipment Lost ICT
  RAAC Concrete Housing and Property Services
05-09-2023 Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) in Schools Housing and Property Services
  Procurement Frameworks Financial Services
  RAAC Concrete in Public Buildings Housing and Property Services
  Community Disability Equipment Multiple
  Small Business Rates Relief (SBRR) Finance
06-09-2023 Business Travel Multiple
  Council Investments Financial Services
07-09-2023 Mattress Disposal Environmental & Commercial
  Land and Adopted Highways Multiple
  School Meal Nutrition Standards Environmental and Commercial
  Whistleblowing HR
  Cycle Path at Waste Disposal Depot, Elgin Economic Growth and Development
  Stray Dog Survey 2022-2023 Economic Growth and Development
08-09-2023 RAAC in Social Homes Housing and Property Services
  Temporary Modular Buildings in Schools Education
  Parking Fines Environmental and Commercial
  Breaches of Planning Permission Economic Growth and Development
  Waste Complaints Environmental and Commercial
  Facilities Management Finance
  RAAC Information Housing and Property Services
10-09-2023 School Toilets Education
  Gender Identity in Schools Education
11-09-2023 Commercial Rental Cost Increases Multiple
  Backlog Maintenance in Schools Education
  RAAC Concrete in Residential Homes Housing and Property Services
  Communications re. RAAC Chief Executive
  Selling of Illicit Vapes Economic Growth and Development
  Leisure Facilities Education, Resources and Communities
  Maintenance Alves Park Environmental and Commercial
12-09-2023 Faulty EV Charging Points Environmental and Commercial
  Wheelchair Hire Health and Social Care Moray
  Details Senior Staff Multiple
  Staffing Short-Term Lets Licensing HR
13-09-2023 Social Housing Maintenance Backlog Housing and Property Services
  Mobile Phones Contract HR and ICT
14-09-2023 Noise Nuisance Complaints Multiple
  High Street Properties Housing and Property Services
  Children with Additional Support Needs Education
  Electric Vehicles Environmental and Commercial
  MJ Awards Multiple
15-09-2023 Accidents at Work Multiple
  Fair Trade Purchasing Finance
  NA Funerals from July 2023 Economic Growth and Development
  Dead Known to Council Teams Economic Growth and Development
18-09-2023 Homeless Applications Housing and Property Services
  Apprentices Education
19-09-2023 Assisted Funeral Costs Economic Growth and Development
  Short Term Lets Take Up and Processing Time Governance Strategy and Performance
  Waits for Social Care Packages and Assessments Adult Social Care
  Access to Drug and Alcohol Services Multiple
  Chinese CCTV Cameras Multiple
20-09-2023 Educational Psychologists  
  Early Learning and Childcare Budget Education
  Energy Usage and Cost Energy
21-09-2023 Disability Access in Schools Education
  Firework Control Zones Economic Growth and Development
  Sanitary Waste Environmental and Commercial
  School Playing Fields Environmental and Commercial
  EPC Social Home Ratings Housing and Property Services
  School Electric Vehicle Charging Spaces Environmental and Commercial
  Heat Pumps in Schools Housing and Property Services
22-09-2023 Pesticides Environmental and Commercial
  Administrative Cost of School Meal Debt Multiple
  RAAC Inspections on Council Property Housing and Property
  Contract Covering Reprographics and Print Arrangements Governance Strategy and Performance
  Local Authority Vehicles Environmental and Commercial
  Solar Panels on Schools Housing and Property
25-09-2023 Traffic Cones Environmental and Commercial
  Swimming Pools within School Estate Education etc.
  Payment Data Financial Services
  Pupils Having Received Laptop, Chromebook or IPad Multiple
  Automated External Defibrilators Multiple
  Housing Stock by Council Tax Band Housing and Property Services
26-09-2023 Computer Software ICT
  Repairs to Cycle Path between Elgin and Lossiemouth Environmental and Commercial
  Social Housing Complaints Housing and Property Services
  Equal Pay Claims Multiple
  LED Street Lighting Environmental and Commercial
  Credit Information Finance
  Physical and Verbal Assault on Staff Multiple
  EIR Fly-Tipping Multiple
  Licensed Tattooing and Piercing Premises Governance Strategy and Performance
  Rett Syndrome Multiple
27-09-2023 Diversity, Equality or Inclusion Roles Multiple
  Banned Books in Schools Education
  Pupil Equity Funding Education
  Written Off Debt Finance
  Challenges to Books Education
  CRM and CMS Platform Information Multiple
28-09-2023 Unaccompanied Child Migrants Social Work
  External Law Firms Governance Strategy and Performance
  Racial Incidents in School Education
  Privately Rented and Council Properties Multiple
29-09-2023 Learning Estate Background Data Education
  NA Funerals since 1.7.23 Economic Growth and Development
  Telephone Maintenance ICT
30-09-2023 Dog Breeding Licence Governance, Strategy and Performance

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