FOI Reqest - Stray Dog Survey 2022-2023

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1. Is the dog warden service for your Local Authority: Employed directly; Contracted out; Both; N/A; Other (please specify)
2. Who out of the following handles your stray dogs (please select all that apply): Council-owned pound; Private boarding kennels; Welfare charity kennels; Other (please specify)
3. What was the total number of dogs handled by your local authority during the period 1st April 2022-31st March 2023? including dogs seized as strays by the local authority, handed in or given up, and any other means. Dogs that were already in your care at the start of this period should be recorded separately)
4. Of the dogs who arrived or were taken in during the period 1st April 2022-31st March 2023, how many of these dogs were taken in for the following reasons? Unknown; Taken in by LA as lost/stray dog;
Surrendered/relinquished to LA by owner; Brought by the police; Other reasons (please specify); Total:
5. Of the dogs who were taken in as lost/stray dogs, how many at the LA by the following routes: Unknown; Found and collected by dog warden (or equivalent LA staff) while out on patrol; Collected by dog warden after being notified by a member of the public; Brought in by member of the public; Other reasons (please specify); Total:
6. Of the dogs that were taken in during the period 1st April 2022-31st March 2023, how many were in response to the Dangerous Dogs Act/Order?
7. What were the three most common breed types taken in between 1st April 2022 and 31st March 2023? (If information not recorded please provide estimate based on your day-to-day experience): Most common; Second most common; Third most common
8. Was the information provided in the previous question (top three most common breeds) an estimate? Exact answer; Estimate  
9. Of the dogs that arrived or were taken in between 1st April 2022 – 31st March 2023, how many were already microchipped when they arrived?
10. Of the dogs handled between 1st April 2022 – 31st March 2023, how many had the following outcomes? (= total no. of dogs handled): Unknown; Still in LA kennels after 31st March 2023; Reunited with owners; Rehomed by LA; Passed to welfare organization/dog kennel for possible rehoming after the statutory period; Put to sleep; Other outcomes (please specify); Total:
11. Of the dogs that were put to sleep between 1 April 2022- 31 March 2023, how many for the following reasons: Unknown; Ill health; Behavioural problems/aggression; Dangerous Dogs Act/Order; Unclaimed/no rescue available; Other reasons (please specify); Total:
12. Of the dogs who were reunited with their original owners, how were these dogs reunited? Unknown; Reclaimed during the statutory LA kennelling period; Returned directly to owners w/o kenneling; Total:
13. Of the dogs that were reunited with their owners between 1st April 2022 – 31st March 2023, how many were reunited after contact with the owner (e.g. via microchip or ID tag details), and how many were reunited because owner contacted you? Unknown; LA contacted owner; Owner contacted LA; Total:
14. Of the dogs reunited with owners as result of LA being able to contact them (see prev. question), how many were returned/reclaimed as a result of the following being a primary factor? Unknown; Microchip; Identification disc; Microchip and/or ID (unsure which was primary factor); Dog already known to dog warden; Other factors (please specify); Total:
15. How often do you deal with dogs who have already been through your Local Authority's stray dog services? Never; Rarely; Sometimes; Often; Very often
16. Do you scan and check the owner details on the dogs microchip (even if tagged)? Always; Most of the time; Occasionally; Never
17. How many dogs who were microchipped were not able to be returned to their owners from 1st April 2022- 31st March 2023 as a result of the following factors: Incorrect contact/keeper details registered on database; Unwanted by owner; Other factors (please specify);
18. Do you offer a microchipping service? N;Y;

Response 02-10-2023

The information requested has been submitted directly as the Stray Dog Survey was completed online.

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