FOI Request - RAAC Concrete in Public Buildings

Request 101003391164

1. Between 1 September 2013 and 1 September 2023, which public buildings within the local authority has the council previously been made aware may contain reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC), and on what date were concerns first raised?

Can you provide a list of these buildings and their current use (ie town hall/primary school/public library), in both a written email and spreadsheet format (ideally .xlsx) where possible.

a) In which of these buildings have further investigations into RAAC been carried out?

b) Which of these buildings are still deemed potentially unsafe?

Response 27-09-2023

1. Forres Academy, Forres - secondary school

a) Forres Academy - detailed structural engineer inspection undertaken with report provided with recommendations for works and ongoing monitoring.

b) None, appropriate mitigation measures are in place at Forres Academy ensuring those parts of the property which are occupied are doing so safely.

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