FOI Request - EPC Social Home Ratings

Request 101003402326

Under FOI I would please like to request:

1. The number of social homes that have EPC ratings of D, E, F and G.
2. If possible, any estimate of the cost of upgrading these buildings to EPC C.


Response 11-10-2023


2145 properties with an EPC rating of D for energy efficiency.
426 properties with an EPC rating of E for energy efficiency.
54 properties with and EPC rating of F for energy efficiency
9 properties with an EPC rating of G for energy efficiency.


There are significant challenges in bringing all properties up to an EPC C due to the limitations of the building construction and current energy efficiency measures. However we intend to bring all properties up to the maximum achievable EPC rating and currently this is estimated to cost in excess of £26million.

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