FOI Request - Gender Identity in Schools

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I would like to request the following information from each local authority secondary school. If any of what is asked falls outside of the remit of the Act, please respond to as much as is possible under the limitations of the Act. I would also like to request any formal policies or guidelines relating to the questions asked.

In the questions below, ‘sex’ refers to a child’s biological sex, whereas gender refers to a perceived gender identity that a person may consider they have, that may or may not match their biological sex.

1.  Does the school inform parents or guardians as soon as a child expresses that he or she might be a different gender to their sex, or expresses a wish to change gender?

2.  Does the school operate a policy of self-ID for gender identity; in other words, whether they consider the gender of a child to be the gender that that child declares it to be?

3.  Who, if anyone, would the school consult before allowing a child to socially transition (i.e. identify as a different gender to their sex)? Please name the roles of the persons and organisations contacted.

4.  Does the school allow a child who identifies as a different gender to their sex to:

a.  Use toilets defined according to their new gender, rather than their biological sex?
b.  Use changing rooms according to their new gender, rather than their biological sex?
c.  Take part in sporting activities according to their new gender, rather than their biological sex?

5.  Does the school require other children to refer to children who have socially transitioned by their new name and preferred pronouns?

6.  Which of the following ideas does the school teach:

a.  That people have a gender identity that may be different from their biological sex?
b.  That some people or children may be ‘born in the wrong body’?
c.  That a person who self-identifies as a man or a woman should be treated as a man or woman in all circumstances, even if this does not match their biological sex?

7.  Has the school, in the last 24 months, worked with an external provider (charity or commercial organisation) to provide lessons or resources on gender identity? If so, please give the names of these providers.

Response 06-10-2023

Please see the response to your request here. Please note that one school has not replied despite several reminders. 

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