FOI Request - Contract Covering Reprographics and Print Arrangements

Request 101003403272

I would be grateful if you would provide details of your current contract covering reprographics/print arrangements under the Freedom of Information Act 2002 as follows

1.      Number of MFDs (Multi-functional devices) & photocopiers at Moray Council in relationship to (a) corporate offices (b) schools under the the Council

2.      Name of incumbent

3.      Start/end date of contract (if expired, WHEN do you expect to revisit the marketplace)

4.      Details of any extension options

5.      What framework / Route to market used

6.      Number of regular/desktop printers (in addition to above)

7.      Is there a support contract on above, if yes state start/end date

8.      Does the Council have a Print Room

9.      If yes, name of supplier, number of devices and start/end date of contract, also details of any extension options

10.   Total annual print/copy volumes for (a) mono and (b) colour

11.   What print software does the Council run

12.   Who supplies any outsourced print requirements

13.   Start/end date of this contract

14.   Name of person responsible for print at the Council

Response 17-10-2023

1. a) 135

b) 236

2. Ricoh

3. Start Date Aug 23 - End date Aug 28

4. Option for 2 year extension

5. Scottish Government Managed print solutions framework
6. Not held. Information that is not held falls under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information not held.

7. No

8. Yes

9. Ricoh - Start Date Aug 23 - End date Aug 28

10.a) 13 900 000   

b) 2 030 500

11. Papercut

12. Outsourced printing requirements are accessed through Scottish Government Framework Print and associated Framework Lot 1 and Lot 3.

13. Start Date May 23 - End date April 27

14. Andy Donegan

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