FOI Request - RAAC Information

Request 101003394426

1.  Has the council commissioned any surveys for any of its buildings for reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) since 01 January 2018, up to and including the day you process this request? Please answer only ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If you need to give any other context, please use the explanatory notes column of the table provided.

2.  If the answer to  question 1 is yes, please give the dates any surveys were commissioned, the dates date completed or expected to be completed and the number of buildings surveyed. Whether the answer is yes or no, please outline what work is taking place to identify the presence of RAAC and prepare for its removal

3.  Please give building types where RAAC is suspected and/or has been found and the date on which it was discovered. By building types I am asking for a general description of the purpose of the building, for example: council office, civic centre etc

4.  If possible, please provide the address and postcode of any buildings referred to in your answer to question 3.

5.  For each building in your answer to question 3, please give details of any action taken or to be taken as a result of discovering RAAC.

Response 02-10-2023

The response to this request can be found here.

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