FOI Request - RAAC Concrete in Residential Homes

Request 101003394762

I would like to know whether housing stock owned by your organisation has been assessed for potentially hazardous reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC)?

1. Has a RAAC survey been completed of all housing stock?

If so:

2. Does the organisation manage any homes that currently contain RAAC? If so, how many and where are they?
3. What action has been taken as a result?
4. Have any affected tenants been notified if they live in a building with RAAC?
5. Does the organisation have an estimated cost for any needed mitigation measures?
6. Please provide a copy of any internal reports / surveys that cover RAAC stock assessment.

If not:

6. Is the organisation confident that none of its housing stock contains RAAC or does it plan to survey stock at a later date?

Response 03-10-2023

1. No

2.-5. Not applicable

6. Moray Council is currently undertaking an initial desk top review of our housing stock to establish any properties which may be at risk of containing RAAC panels. Once completed if any properties are identified as at risk an appropriate inspection programme will be developed to confirm the position in the properties and then establish any appropriate mitigation measures.

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