FOI Request - Access to Drug and Alcohol Services

Request 101003400469

I would like to ask:

1. As of September 2023, How many drug and alcohol treatment services does this council operate? Please provide a brief outline of each.

2. In each year since 2018/19, how many people have been refused access to one of these services?  Please provide a reason and specify which service.


Response 11-10-2023

1. The council provides two substance and alcohol use services and supports Circles Advocacy to provide advocacy to those affected by substance use.


Arrows is a 3rd sector direct access service for anyone worried about alcohol and drug use, whether their own or a loved one’s.  Support is available to anyone with any concerns, no matter how small, about drinking, drugs or legal highs.

Arrows provide:
Recovery support however that may look for the individual Family support Group support
1 to 1 support
Aftercare support
Peer support
Mutual aid support
Relapse prevention - coping skills and strategies Harm reduction - Safer injecting , Naloxone provision and training, BBV testing
Assessment and referral for mental health, prescribing.
Volunteer opportunities
Outreach support
MAT standard support
Advice and information
Community café and drop in support
Partnership working with Schools, Community Justice, MIDAS, Mental health, Family Services, Housing, Advocacy, Welfare and other 3rd sector organisations.


MIDAS is based in Elgin and is an integrated service that works in partnership with the Moray Council Social Workers, NHS Grampian Community Psychiatric Nurses and Arrows direct access service.

Moray Integrated Drug and Alcohol Service provides:
A consultant led service, and has a Psychologist within service.
Prescribing and MAT standard support.
Residential Detox and assessment for Rehabilitation services Home detoxification, advice and support Referral and Assessment Process (please note that all first assessments are conducted by Arrows and Arrows are the first point of contact) Advice and support to people with complex health and social needs where substance use is a factor Advice and support for people who use alcohol or drugs.
Supports other services who are working with people who have drug or alcohol-related needs, Information on how to access free needle exchange, Mental Health support Adult Alcohol Treatment, Adult Drug Treatment Blood, Borne Viruses (HIV Hep C Hepatitis) Harm Reduction Needle Exchange

Circles Advocacy:

Circles Advocacy Moray delivers an independent advocacy service to people who are 18 years and over, who live in Moray. Circles have an all-inclusive approach and support adults of all ages and backgrounds. Circles advocacy Safeguard people who are in situations where they may be vulnerable acting as their voice where they may not be heard. Enabling people to make informed choices about, and remain in control of, their own social and health care. This is a professional and independent advocacy service, providing issue based individual and collective advocacy support.

Circles Advocacy provide service to anyone who may be experiencing the following:
experience of drug and alcohol use
mental health challenges
learning, physical or sensory impairments acquired brain injury chronic/long term illness autistic spectrum diagnosis lived experience of drug or alcohol dependency personality disorder

Circles support people to:
have a say about the services they receive understand their rights raise issues they are worried about ensure safeguarding in situations where they may be vulnerable

2. The criteria is that if someone has a substance use issue they are not denied support.

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