FOI Request - Repairs to Cycle Path between Elgin and Lossiemouth

Request 101003404394

The renovations beside the A941 above have made a huge difference to Active Travel Route users, turning a very bumpy section into a “motorway”.

On a Freedom of Information basis, I would like to ask:

1.  Has the remedial work been carried out by or on behalf of The Moray Council?

2.  If not, does the Council know who was responsible for carrying out the work?

3.  If so (and thank you very much for doing it, TMC!), how much did the work cost?

4.  If so, how was the work funded?

Response 20-10-2023 

1.  The works were carried out by Moray Council Roads Maintenance.

2.  N/A

3.  The final cost of the works is currently unknown, but are estimated to be in the region of £50,000.

4.  The full cost of the works were identified in our Capital Footway Works Programme for 2023/24 ( However, since this programme was created, the Council was successfully in applying for Grant Funding from HITRANS as part of their HITRANS Regional Active Travel Fund Path Improvement Fund. This Grant will now fund approx. 40% of the cost of the works.

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