November FOI Requests

Date Request Department
01-11-2023 Pest Control Economic Growth and Development
  Temporary Accommodation Caravan Placement Housing and Property Services
  Cutting and Maintenance Environmental and Commercial
  Telecare Demo and BCF Health and Social Care Moray
  Allotment Waiting Times Education, Resources and Communities
  Public Toilets in 2023 Environmental and Commercial
  Social Care Assessment Waiting Time Health and Social Care Moray
02-11-2023 Digital Devices for School Children Multiple
  RAAC Inspections and Building Record Dates Multiple
  Lossiemouth Harbour Wall Environmental and Commercial
  Anti-bullying Policy Education
  School Building Age Housing and Property Services
  Council Vehicle Fleet Environmental and Commercial
  School Meal Debt Environmental and Commercial
  Planning Law on Residential Park Plots Economic Growth and Development
  Social Care Assessment Waiting Times (Adults) Health and Social Care Moray
  Charging Orders Health and Social Care Moray
  Afghan Citizens Health and Social Care Moray
  Enforcement Services Multiple
03-11-2023 Landlord Complaints and Actions Housing and Property
  IMP Costs and Cost Savings Finance
  Crisis Grants Finance
  NA Funerals since 1.9.23 Economic Growth and Development
  Planning and Development Staff Multiple
  Double Glazing Inspections Housing and Property Services
  Renovations to facilitate Gender Neutral Toilets Housing and Property Services
04-11-2023 Veterans Housing Housing and Property  Services
  Electricity etc Invoices Housing and Property Services
  Incidents of Children being violent towards Teachers Education
  Days of School Missed during Covid Lockdown Education
  Absences in Schools Education
06-11-2023 Experience of Teachers on Temporary Contracts HR
07-11-2023 Abuse aimed at Teaching Staff Education
  Sexual Violence or Abuse in Schools Education
  Confucius Hubs Finance
08-11-2023 Disabled Parking Fines Environmental and Commercial
  Advanced Higher Subject List Education
  School Abuse Education
  School Bus Transport for Buckie High Environmental and Commercial
  Pay Scale Information HR
09-11-2023 Number of Homeschooling Applications Education
  Selkie Dredger Environmental and Commercial
  Solihull Approach Online Education
  Primate Licensing 2023 Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Procurement Contract Finance
  Gypsy Traveller Information Multiple
10-11-2023 Potholes Environmental and Commercial
  Music Tuition in Schools Education
  Vermin Complaints and Costs Economic Growth and Development
  School Pupil Information Education
  Temporary Accommodation for more than a Year Housing and Property
11-11-2023 Public Money Allocated to IJB for Refugees Health and Social Care Moray
13-11-2023 Staff Contracts HR
  Money Allocated to Council for Refugees Health and Social Care Moray
  Primary School Fencing and Playground Safety Multiple
  Spend on Temporary Accommodation Multiple
14-11-2023 ESOL Learning Education
  Homes for Ukraine Health and Social Care Moray
  Energy Portfolio Housing and Property Services
  Business Rates Credits Finance
15-11-2023 Youth Centres Education, Resources and Communities
  Abroad Office Space Housing and Property
  Drug Use in Schools Education
  Apprenticeship Levy Multiple
  Building Conditions Housing and Property
  Placing Requests Education
  Young Carers Champion Children, Families and Criminal Justice
  Review of 101003400486 Chinese CCTV Cameras Housing and Property
16-11-2023 Mould Compensation Finance
  Gypsies and Travellers Transit Pitches Housing and Property
  Homelessness Applications since April 2023 Housing and Property
  Christmas Lights Switch On Multiple
  COSLA Conference Expenses Multiple
17-11-2023 Roadwork Referrals to Commissioner Environmental and Commercial
  No Recourse to Public Funds Status Finance
  Social and Council Housing Waiting Lists Housing and Property Services
  NA (Pauper) Funerals since 1.9.23 Economic Growth and Development
18-11-2023 Hoarding and Scaffold Licences Governance, Strategy and Performance
19-11-2023 Drugs in Schools Education
20-11-2023 Social and Council Housing Housing and Property Services
  Road and Footpath Compensation Environmental and Commercial
  Assessed as Homeless Housing and Property
  Homeless Presentations Housing and Property
  Additional Funding for Forces' Children and Families Finance
21.11.2023 Council Tax Bands Appeals Finance
  Care Home Staff Vacancies HR
  Temporary Accommodation Figures due to Domestic Abuse Housing and Property
22-11-2023 LGIU Awards Costs Finance
  Housing and Asset Management Software ICT
  Free School Breakfasts Environmental and Commercial
  Damp and Housing Disrepair Housing and Property Services
  Bed Bugs Housing and Property Services
  Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy Education
  Documents Relating to Merson Park Environmental and Commercial
23-11-2023 Smoking and Vaping Product Seizures Economic Growth and Development
  Pothole Compensation Claims Environmental and Commercial
  Bus Accidents Environmental and Commercial
  Speed Fines Environmental and Commercial
  Short-term Licences Governance, Strategy and Performance
  School Meal Debt and Pupil Equity Funding Multiple
24-11-2023 Children in Care Social Work
  Telecare Adult Social Care
  LGBT Youth Scotland Charter Scheme Education
27-11-2023 Malnutrition Numbers in Schools Education
  Road Maintenance Policy B9022 Environmental and Commercial
  Facilities Management Approach HR
  Foster Care Stats Social Work
  RAAC Costs Housing and Property
  Covid Marshalls Mulitple
28-11-2023 Short Term Let Licence Application Status Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Breakdown of NQTs Retained in Moray HR
  Facilities Management HR and ICT
29-11-2023 Working From Home Costs HR
  Electric Vehicle Charging Environmental and Commercial
  Potholes - Scotland Councils Environmental and Commercial
  Planning Applications Economic Growth and Development
  Metal Theft Multiple
  Staffing Information Multiple
  Site for new Forres Academy Multiple
  Forres Heritage Conservation Partnership Management Group Economic Growth and Development
30-11-2023 Dog Control Notices Economic Growth and Development
  EIR Dornell Windfarm Economic Growth and Development

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