April 2021 FOI Requests

Date Request Department
02-04-2021 COVID Support Applications Economic Growth & Development
  Social Housing Housing and Property Services
  Street Lighting Environmental & Commercial Services
  Independent Domestic Abuse Advocate Service Housing and Property Services
05-04-2021 Surveillance Operations 2 Multiple Services
06-04-2021 ICT Documents HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Planning Permission Applications Economic Growth & Development
  Councillors Missing Council Tax Payments Governance Strategy and Performance
  Commercial Investment Income Financial Services
07-04-2021 National Assistance Act Funerals Economic Growth & Development
  Deaths With No Known Next Of Kin Adult Social Care
  Council House Complaints Housing and Property Services
  Council Tax Overpayments Governance Strategy and Performance
  New Property Addresses Economic Growth & Development
  Council Arranged Funerals Economic Growth & Development
  Drainie Old Manse Economic Growth & Development
08-04-2021 Housing And Asset Management IT Systems Housing and Property Services
  Planning Permission Charitable Donations Economic Growth & Development
  Chief Executive's Expenses Chief Executive
  Cremations And Burials Environmental & Commercial Services
  SFBF And SAP-CTF Applications Economic Growth & Development
  LAN Contract HR, ICT and Organisational Development
09-04-2021 Maternity Services Multiple
12-04-2021 Social Care Case Management Systems HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Self-Isolation Support Grant Data Governance Strategy and Performance
14-04-2021 Moray Integration Joint Board Waiting List Alterations Adult Social Care
  Child Protection Orders Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  Library Membership and E-Services Provision Education
  Carers Act Funding 2021 to 2022 Adult Social Care
  Firewall, Anti-virus, and Enterprise Agreement HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Racist Bullying Incidents Education
  Accounts 2014 and 2015 Financial Services
15-04-2021 Mothballed Schools Multiple Services
  Pilmuir Primary Security Risk Assessment Education
  Douglas Ross/Traveller Communities Communications Multiple Services
  New Catering Businesses Economic Growth & Development
  SQA Processes Document Versions Education
19-04-2021 Sleep-In Shifts Adult Social Care
20-04-2021 Child Poverty Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  Adult Social Care Adult Social Care
  Energy Companies Financial Services
  Commercial Property Housing and Property Services
  Adult And Children Social Workers Multiple Services
  Successful Adoption Rates Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  Council Tax Registrations Governance Strategy and Performance
21-04-2021 Telecoms And IT Infrastructure HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Software Asset Management HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Electric Vehicle Charging Points Environmental & Commercial Services
22-04-21 National Assistance Act Funerals (2) Economic Growth & Development
  Deaths While Under Guardianship Adult Social Care
  Refugees Resettled in Moray Adult Social Care
  Applicant Households Accommodated in B and B Hotels Housing and Property Services
  Lossiemouth House, Clifton Road Economic Growth & Development
23-04-21 Homelessness Housing and Property Services
27-04-21 Adults with Learning Disabilities Multiple Services
28-04-21 Textile Recycling Environmental & Commercial Services
  Libraries Education
  Section 75 Contributions Economic Growth & Development
  Chief Officer HSCP Adult Social Care
  Teachers Education
29-04-21 Education Budget Education
  Social Work Contacts Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  Self Directed Support Adult Social Care
  Disabled Facilities Grant Housing and Property Services
30-04-2021 Facilities Management Environmental & Commercial Services
  Temporary Social Workers Multiple
  Childrens Services Referrals Children & Families & Criminal Justice

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