FOI Request - Adults with Learning Disabilities

Request 101002782889

1. Do you keep a register of the number of adults with learning disabilities in your local authority area? If so, how many adults in your local authority area are (at present) recorded as having learning disabilities?

2. What support is available for vulnerable adults (including those with learning disabilities) accessing social housing? How does your council support vulnerable adults in the process of finding suitable accommodation?

3. How many people with learning disabilities in your local authority have been housed outside of their local authority area in the last calendar year? If it doesn’t exceed the cost limit, I would also like this information for the last three years please.

4. How many people on the current waiting list for social housing in your local authority area have a learning disability?

Response 21-05-2021

1. We do not keep a register, all people who use our services are recorded on our CareFirst database and there are 384 recorded as having learning disabilities.

2. Adult Services: All vulnerable adults who meet our eligibility criteria and who need support are allocated a social worker.  The social worker carries out an assessment and supports the person to develop a support plan that is designed to meet their needs, during this process a housing need might be identified.  If the person needs social housing, they need to complete a housing application in order to do this they will need to register and create a Housing Online account and make an application on line.  In LD if the person is unable to do this by themselves or has no informal support available, the social worker will assist them to make a housing application.  In addition to this,  Health and Social Care Moray (HSCM) have approved the development of a number of properties designed specifically for people with an LD.  The Moray Council Housing Department have agreed that HSCM will have 'letting rights' for these houses.  A project group will allocate these houses based on risk and need.

Housing: Information about the Council's Housing Support service is published on our website and is therefore exempt under section 25 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, 'information otherwise accessible'. For ease of reference please find a link to the web page here

3. None

4. The information provided for this FOI should only be used as an estimate. When disability status is gathered by the Housing department, this is the person’s perception of whether they have a disability and this may or may not have an impact on their current housing situation.  It relies on the person being willing to disclose this information and could include a range of conditions from mobility issues/physical disabilities, learning disabilities to mental health conditions. The information provided only relates to the main applicant/tenant. It is also important to note that a person’s disability status could change at any point so for example this may occur after the application is made or after the tenancy is allocated.

By ‘housing waiting list’ we have assumed that you mean our overall housing list which includes applicants from our waiting list, transfer list and homeless list.

As at 1 May 2021 the number of disabled applicants is 109.  

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