FOI Request - Telecoms And IT Infrastructure

Request 101002777389

I am writing to you to request some information about your Telecoms and IT infrastructure. I politely request information on your current provider for the following:

1)      Current mobile provider
2)      No. of mobile connections
3)      What MDM/UEM solution do you use
4)      Is this part of your mobile contract or separate?
5)      Contract end dates for both
6)      When will you start to look at reviewing the contract?
7)      Current expenditure on these contracts
8)      Key decision makers

Response 17-05-2021

1)      EE
2)      2389
3)      Meraki
4)      Separate
5)      Mobile contract Jul 2022, Meraki N/A
6)      Jan 2022
7)      Mobile contract c £100k
8)      ICT Infrastructure Manager

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