FOI Request - Planning Permission Charitable Donations

Request 101002766439

Is is the case that on top of the fees for planning permission, [those seeking planning permission for building a new house] would have to make a charitable donation. If this is now your policy, what would the amount of donation be?
If this is in fact the situation , under the freedom of information act , could you please tell me which charities benefit from these donations?

Response 30-04-2021

The Council does not require an applicant for planning permission to make a charitable donation on top of planning application fees. However, the Council does require a fee to be paid for any developer obligations required towards infrastructure requirements arising from the proposed development, such as towards education, health and transport improvements.

A free assessment of the likely developer obligation payment can be provided by contacting DeveloperObligations with information regarding your proposal, including location and number of bedrooms in the proposed house. 

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