May 2021 FOI Requests

Date Request Department
03-05-2021 Public Toilets Environmental & Commercial Services
04-05-2021 Home Education Education
05-05-2021 Electric Car Charging Points Environmental & Commercial Services
10-05-2021 LOBO Loans Financial Services
  Children’s Lead Commissioner Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  Trees Planted in Compensation Economic Growth & Development
11-05-2021 Potholes Environmental & Commercial Services
  Disabled Parking Spaces Fines Environmental & Commercial Services
12-05-2021 Funding for Positive Covid 19 Cases Multiple Services
  Contact Details and ISO Certification Multiple Services
13-05-2021 Coastguards House, Lossiemouth Economic Growth & Development
  Electrical Equipment Testing Housing and Property Services
  Deaths in the Last 5 Years Governance Strategy and Performance
14-05-2021 Hybrid and Public Cloud Strategy HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  ELC Sustainable Rates Education
17-05-2021 Children’s Occupational Therapy Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  Party Political Subscriptions HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Confidential Waste Education
  Holiday Childcare Education
18-05-2021 Cladding on Schools Multiple
  Temporary Agency Usage Multiple
  Elections Services Governance Strategy and Performance
  Affordable Housing Development and Newbuilds Housing and Property Services
19-05-2021 Homecare and Supported Living Fee Rates Adult Social Care
  Adult Carer Support Plans and Young Carer Statements Multiple
  Repeating School Years Education
  Pupil Numbers Scotland Education
  Local Welfare Assistance Governance Strategy and Performance
  Reablement/Long Term Care Service Adult Social Care
  Animal Welfare Economic Growth & Development
21-05-2021 Disabled Residents Housing and Property Services
  Moray Integration Joint Board Waiting List Alterations Adult Social Care
  Libraries in Primary Schools Education
24-05-2021 Disabled Parking Exclusivity Adult Social Care
  Stonewall, Mermaids, TIE Materials Education
  Sewerage Scotland Act Economic Growth & Development
25-05-2021 Flood Protection and Coastal Erosion Environmental & Commercial Services
  Invasive Species Environmental & Commercial Services
  Council-Owned Property Vandalism Housing and Property Services
  Contacts and Transportation Environmental & Commercial Services
26-05-2021 Document Software HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Street Cleansing Fleet Environmental & Commercial Services
  Personal Data Sharing with the UK Home Office Multiple
  Business Rates New Liabilities Governance Strategy and Performance
27-05-2021 Primary One Deferral Education
  Farm Welfare Offences Economic Growth & Development
  Cremations and Burials Environmental & Commercial Services
28-05-2021 Teacher Vacancy Numbers Education
  Fly-Tipping 2020-2021 Multiple
  Elective Home Education Education
  Covid Grants Governance Strategy and Performance
31-05-2021 Community Equipment Service Adult Social Care
  Free School Meal Allocation Education
  Healthcare Infrastructure Provision in Buckie and Cullen Multiple
  Education Provision in Buckie Education
  Housing Data Housing and Property Services
  Laptops for Schools HR, ICT and Organisational Development

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