FOI Request - Disabled Parking Exclusivity

Request 101002802142

In September 2018, the then Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity, Michael Matheson, announced that, following a review into the assignment of disabled persons' parking places, "it was now the Scottish Government's view that local Authorities can specify disabled bays to individual Blue Badge holders, subject to exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the local Authority."

(1) - Has Council promoted/brought the review findings to the attention of Blue Badge Holders in their area?

(2) - How many applications have there been for such disabled bay exclusivity?

(3) - How many applications were successful in obtaining "exclusivity"?

(3) - Summarise "exceptional circumstances" quoted in applications.

Response 11-06-21

(1) -No.

(2) - None.

(3) - N/A. No applications received.

(3) - N/A. No applications received.

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