FOI Request - Local Welfare Assistance

Request 101002799986

1. How much was spent on local welfare assistance in the financial year 2020/21 (including administration costs and any additional Government funding such as the Local Authority Emergency Assistance Grant for Food and Essential Supplies or the Covid Winter Grant Scheme)?
2. What percentage of the overall expenditure was spent on administration costs as opposed to direct grants in 2020/21?
3. What percentage of the overall expenditure was spent on the provision of furniture and/or white goods in 2020/21?
4. What were the number of completed applications to the scheme in 2020/21?
5. How many were successful in 2020/21?
6. If an applicant is not successful, do you direct them to other sources of help? If yes, please specify.
7. If you do provide furniture and/or white goods, what percentage of these items are provided as:
A – New items
B – Preloved/reused items
C – A loan for furniture/white goods
D – Cash for furniture/white goods
E – Other (please specify)
If you do not know the exact percentage then please provide an estimate.
8. Do you require applicants to have attempted other sources of support or take out an advance on their benefits before you will accept an LWAS application? If yes, please specify.
9. What is the local welfare assistance scheme budget in your local authority for the financial year 2021/22 (including any additional funding above and admin costs etc.)?
10. If you will have a scheme in 2021/22, what percentage of the budget is drawn from your core spending power and what percentage is being drawn from additional government funding (beyond the revenue support grant)?

Response 10-06-2021

Flexible Food Fund Scottish Welfare Fund

1.  £547,340 

2.  £0 in admin

3.  £0 in goods

4.  1691

5.  100%

6.  N/A

7.  N/A

8.  No

9.  £248K funding from Scottish government 

10. 100% Scottish government funded

1.            £634,054

2.            23.4%

3.            49.2%

4.            3113

5.            1872

6.            Yes, varies depending on their needs – local and national charities, DWP, other local authority grants etc.

7.   A estimate of 97%

B 0%
C 0%
D estimate of 3%
E 0%

8.            No

9.            Initial budget allocation for 2021/22 is £507,00 for the year plus underspend carried forward from 2020/21 which is still to be finalised but in the region of £260,000. Scottish Government are reviewing the allocation of funding for the second half of 2021/22.

10.          100% of funding comes from the Scottish Government.

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