EIR Request - Trees Planted in Compensation

Request 101002793230

I am writing to request the following data related to planning:

- The number of trees planted in compensation for those felled as part of onshore wind farm development on Scotland's national forests and lands, under the Control of Woodland Removal Policy, from 1 January 2000 to 31 December 2019.

Response 04-06-2021

Meikle Hill (14/01087/EIA) was approved with a condition for 8ha of compensatory planting.

Lurg Hill (17/01198/EIA, approved on appeal by the DPEA), was approved with a condition for 12.86ha of compensatory planting.

The following wind farms were approved (either by the Council or on appeal by DPEA) with no condition(s) requiring compensatory planting:-

Hill of Towie (02/02099/EIA); Edintore (10/02092/EIA); Aultmore (07/02375/EIA); Hill of Glaschyle (12/00053/EIA) and Kellas (13/00615/EIA).

It should be noted that in most of these cases, any removal is/was plantation woodland and subject to restocking in accordance with their relevant Forestry Management Plans.

I accordance with section 10(4)(a) of the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004, please be advised that the following wind farms were determined by Scottish Ministers and therefore details regarding compensatory planting should be requested from the Energy Consents Unit (Econsents_Admin@gov.scot) or the DPEA (DPEA@gov.scot):-

Berry Burn; Dorenell; Hill of Towie II; Paul's Hill; Paul's Hill II; Rothes and Rothes II.

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